About Us

Incorporated in 1973, AIREX Electricals is the pioneer of Industrial Heating Elements, Temperature Sensors and Controllers. It offers Innovative Heating Solutions for various industries with unique specifications.

With a legacy of three generations, Airex also introduces a dynamic range of Home Appliances, consisting of products like Ceiling Fans, Electric Irons, Commercial & Industrial Hot-Plates, etc. Our expertise of 47 years ensures a better understanding of the customer needs and heating solutions that have unbeatable quality standards.

We take pride in being the pioneer and hence the oldest player in the industry. Airex has been at the leading edge of heating appliance design and development for almost 5 decades, with services that are acknowledged not just in India, but also across various borders like Nepal, Bhutan, Israel, Australia, Mexico, Egypt, Nigeria, Dubai, Uganda, Kazakhstan, Kenya.

We have immensely grown over the years and continue to be the best manufacturing unit in the industry in India. After getting praise and acknowledgments from our customer base, we gradually expanded our range of products and launched our range of home appliances mainly focussing on electrical storage water heaters along with a hot place for both commercial and industrial use, electric iron and many other products. Our expertise, quality, and delivery are unmatched. It is our commitment to quality equipment and outstanding customer service that has remained the source of our success. Our facilities exist to simplify solutions to your needs.

We provide customized heating solutions for every industry need and at a very reasonable price. Our products help customers to improve product quality and performance, improve core manufacturing processes, reduce downtime and wastage, and reduce time to market. Amongst various heating products, we supply OEMs of Pizza Making machines, Bakery machines, Spa Equipment, Industrial Boilers, etc. We have the best and a wide range of clientele which includes Britannia, Relaxo, Swastik Pipe, Indian Air Force, Indian Railways, government hospitals, L&T, Lords, Chloro Alkali, and Air India to name a few. Presently, we have our manufacturing units in Bawana Industrial Area. It is a great location from which to serve the whole world.

Airex's success lies in its assurance to quality, excellent customer service, and highly experienced technical support. Our employees are experienced professionals who are continually available to our clientele to provide support and services while always providing information of the highest accuracy. We pride ourselves in our direct approach to doing business and value integrity and long-term client relationships above all else. We’re here to make sure our clienteles are happy and our engineers are here to make sure that our clienteles are getting the exact specifications that they require. We provide a value-added service to our clientele, providing them with the best possible support and service that a provider can convey in the form of availability, quick responses, and correct information.

To balance our current business and manufacturing operations, which focus on the needs of our customers, Airex continues to strive toward new levels of quality by pursuing ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) 9001:2008 standards also IAF, ISI CE certifications.