Airex Heaters Manufacturing has been a strong force in the industrial, commercial and domestic heating elements business since 1973.

We are specialized in electric heaters, band heaters, strip heaters, cartridge heaters, tubular heaters and immersion heaters.

Airex Heaters is renowned for its rugged, reliable and versatile heavy-duty explosion-proof electric heaters, heating systems and heating appliances.

Today, electrical heating elements are among the most popular heating element varieties. These elements can be made from many different heat-conducting materials, but at Airex Heaters we believe in quality and most of our products are made with stainless steel, GI/MS and copper.

With a legacy of three generations, we take pride to be the leading edge of heating appliance design and development for more than 5 decades. Our facilities exist to simplify solutions to your needs.

explore a range of water heater elements, solar heaters, induction heating elements, iron heating plates, and many more. Heavy duty with a one-year guarantee.

Kindly contact us for bulk orders.